Mapping Contemporary Utopianism

I made a map of different kinds of utopian visions based on their relationship to technology and change. They’re charted along an x-axis of Restorative to Transformative, and a y-axis of Anarchist to Authoritarian. The farther right a utopia is along the x-axis, the more wholeheartedly it embraces transformation in the form of technologically driven rapid development and change.

Exploring the possibility space

I got this great domain years ago, and am finally doing something with it. The possibility space is all the futures available to us, that branch out like our future light cone. I’ve sat on this domain for so long because there were so many possibilities for what to do with it that I found it hard to commit to a single one. But not making a choice is also a choice. So I’ve decided to make it a blog, and see where writing takes me.